Friends of Access Israel’s (FAISR) strives to globally improve accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and the elderly via advocacy, education, and inclusion. With each improvement we empower them to live self-determined lives enabling them to work, travel, study, and consume with dignity, equality, and maximum independence. 


FAISR’s focus are people with disabilities which constitute one of the largest minority groups in the world. People with disabilities constitute 15% of the world population and the elderly represent 11%, and growing. Disabilities, including but not limited to physical, sensory, cognitive, and mental, are found in people throughout the world, the young and old, and among every race, religion, and ethnicity. Disability does not discriminate, yet, people with disabilities are often the victims of discrimination, most often because of lack of knowledge and insensitivity. Working in collaboration with Access Israel, we want to continue to promote accessibility for people with disabilities in Israel and as such continue to assist Israel in being a global leader of accessibility and inclusion.


  • Collaborates with Access Israel to continue to be a world leader and the center of accessibility and inclusion
  • Improves awareness of the importance of accessibility and inclusion
  • Advocates for legislation to enhance accessibility and inclusion.

Motivating Feedback

“Our friends from abroad, from the United States (FAISR) – Welcome! We appreciate very much what you are doing because this is a humanitarian need for everyone to respect human beings as a human being, not only as an Israeli or American, Brit, or Russian. We appreciate your cooperation and partnership. God Bless You!”

- Reuven Rivlin, President of the State of Israel
July 28, 2019 at the 20th Anniversay celebration of Access Israel

“L’Chaim and Ya’alah (onward) on our joint global goal to change the quality of life of the biggest minority of the world — the disabled.   Together we are going to do amazing things for accessibility and inclusion both in Israel and America.”

- Yuval Wagner
Founder, Access Israel

“When I joined Access Israel 12 years ago, we were a small organization with a big goal – to break through barriers and enable people with disabilities to dream and fulfil their dreams. We have already learned a lot from our FAISR partners and find ourselves looking towards the future with great excitement at the vital things we will accomplish together globally.”

- Michal Rimon
CEO, Access Israel


FAISR promotes hassle-free accessible group trips and tours of Israel to people with disabilities that have never traveled to Israel because of their perceived concerns of accessibility barriers. The goal is to provide an adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime (or at least until a next FAISR trip). Participants will thereafter become ambassadors of Accessible Israel insuring that more people with disabilities join on one of our trips.


FAISR will work on ensuring that current and future digital technology is accessible and usable from day one for people with disabilities and the elderly. FAISR will continually investigate the latest research and technological advances in order to bring them to the forefront of the disabled so they can benefit in a timely manner.

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We are three life-long friends who firmly believe in aggressively working as a team towards accessibility for all. We dedicate our efforts to our beloved fathers, of blessed memory, who inspired us in their lives and their actions. One of our Dads when asked why are you all so involved in good deeds, he would simply say “because this is what we do!”

General Director & Board
Alan T. Brown
Board MemberDirector of Public Impact for the Reeve Foundation
A. Eisenstat
Board Member


There are many ways that you can get involved. If you would like to become a FAISR Ambassador, contact us to learn more about available opportunities.

We, at Friends of Access Israel invite you to become our partner and support us in this vital global mission.

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